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It’s been fun!

After four years of Simon Says dropping into your inbox on a Sunday, this will be my last view, thought, and anecdote for the time being. I’ve decided that, because of some exciting new commitments that lie ahead, it will be difficult for me to comment on the market the same way as I do now, however impartial I always try to be.

It’s been a great few years of seeing how the energy markets are moving, identifying a direction or a trend, hopefully capturing and relaying it to my readers in a slightly light-hearted way, adding a little clarity, a few numbers and some very dodgy pictures.

As for Simon Says, I got my inspiration from Rusty Braziel of RBN fame, who encouraged me to take that leap on-line. Rusty runs a consulting and information provider in Houston, which also produces an exceptional daily blog on all aspects of the energy industry.

But I’m still a man of ambition and I’m about to embark on another adventure very soon.

I would just like to thank everyone who has read or contributed to Simon Says in the past. I hope it’s been of interest, informative, sent you to sleep maybe, or even made you laugh. It’s been fun doing, and maybe it will be fun again one day. Good-bye for now from Simon Says and thank you.

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